Visitors at Disneyland Resort over Halloween get a special treat as two of our favorite rides get a makeover for the holiday.

GhostGalaxyGhost Galaxy is by far the simpler of the two make overs. The ride track remains the same, but the plot line changes. Now instead of traveling through space, you are escaping a space ghost that follows you through the ride sometimes just appearing and sometimes swiping at you. The ghost is done by projection, making adding it in much simpler than other ride make overs. The ride soundtrack also changes to reflect your attempt to escape the ghost as opposed to your normal relatively peaceful ride through space. It should be noted, if your child is on the edge on whether to ride Space Mountain or not, it may be better to skip it when it has the Ghost Galaxy make over. The ghost is orange and looks exceedingly scary to young children. The Ghost Galaxy make over normally starts sometime in mid-September and runs through Halloween. Normal FastPasses are available for Ghost Galaxy.


MansionThe Haunted Mansion Holiday is a significantly more involved make over. The exterior is normally completed first with the creepy Christmas decor. It makes for great photo ops while you’re outside. Pumpkins, ribbons, and various nods to the Nightmare Before Christmas cover the outdoor of the property. Even the horseless carriage gets in on the act!



On the the interior, Jack takes over the stretching room with some special Nightmare Before Christmas stretching portraits. The portraits lining the hall also get a Nightmare Before Christmas flair, complete with frolicking Zero.

The rest of the ride receives a similar make over.

Haunted Mansion Holiday is normally less scary to the younger children in your party than the traditional Haunted Mansion. Unlike the relatively short lived Ghost Galaxy make over each year, Haunted Mansion Holiday gets to stick around through the Christmas season not leaving the parks til January. While FastPasses are generally not available for Haunted Mansion, they are made available for Haunted Mansion Holiday which normally sees wait times in the 45 minutes range during the busiest part of the day.

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