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IMG_20141009_102617499What ride you do step on at Disney and instantly know you in the Magic Kingdom?  Without a doubt, Splash Mountain is my ride of choice when I first enter the park. Have you ever found your “Laughing Place” boarding a Splash Mountain log?




There is no shortage of things to see and hear on this Frontierland adventure.  The attention to detail is remarkable as every leaf and color are carefully chosen.  The ride twists and turns in a variety of “episodes” as we follow B’rer Rabbit’s adventures.

IMG_20141009_104458402The mini-hills and a really exciting “up-and-down” ride through the cave are some of my favorite highlights.  You won’t get wet, at least for now, from all the cave drippings and water spouts.

IMG_20141009_104440910It’s great fun watching the wily B’rer Fox sneak up on B’rer Rabbit as he prepares to take him to his lair.  Thank goodness that the Brier Patch visit won’t last long and you’ll enjoy a great view of Cinderella castle.  Be sure to look up at the castle instead of down.

IMG_20141009_104749507Look quick and hold on. Watch out for the splash zone as well on the right side of the log as you prepare to enter the final scene.  My favorite scene is the celebration on board the riverboat as we “Zip-a-dee-do-dah” back to B’rer Rabbit’s home and the main entrance.  This is adventure is also worth noting as one of the longest rides at the Walt Disney World parks.


I admit that I go a little “camera” crazy when I get to visit Splash Mountain.  I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite scenes. Let me help you plan your visit to see B’rer Rabbit and his friends soon!

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