Meet Gina


Phone: 773-729-0087

Gina loves everything family, travel and of course Disney. She went to Disneyland once as a kid and didn’t get to go again until she was adult. Now she has been back to Disney World and Disneyland a combined 37 times since that first visit. Gina spends most of her time there with her Nephew who was lucky enough to celebrate his 33rd visit in 13 years. On occasion she brings her sisters and parents along for the journey. She loves taking “first timers” and also loves planning trips for them to go on their own. She was born and raised on the Southwest Side of Chicago, where she still resides today. When she is not working or planning Disney, as well as other vacations, she enjoys spending time with my family and using baking and creating fun cakes as stress therapy.


  • Walt Disney World

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