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Kristian went to Walt Disney World every year with her mom and sister. Disney is her happy place. Now as a mother her love for Disney has been renewed. She first took her daughter to Walt Disney World at 9 months old and had a blast. They took their first Disney Cruise together in 2015 when her daughter was almost four, sailing on the Disney Dream out of Orlando. It was one of the best cruises her family has been on. Planning a trip anywhere, but especially Disney, can be overwhelming. That’s where Kristian comes in. She loves to take the stress away from clients trying to plan their magical trip no matter where it may be to. There’s nothing like walking into the Magic Kingdom and seeing Cinderella Castle the first time and to Kristian each time is still magical. Over the years Kristian has acquired many Disney tricks and tips that can help make your trip just a little bit more special. Kristian loves planning Disney. She loves planning cruises. She just loves planning period! It is truly her passion and Disney is her home!


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