Meet Katie


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Katie has been an avid Disney traveler for over 25 years! Her first trip to Disney World was when she was seven years old, and ever since she’s been obsessed with all things Disney. Her most memorable Disney trip was in 1996 when they traveled as a family for the 25th anniversary. The castle was decorate as a giant, pink cake! She’ll never forget it. She’s looking forward to going back for the 50th anniversary in 2021. She went close to every year as a child, and now she loves taking her own children and seeing the magic through their eyes.
She loves helping people pick their dining, FastPass, and other itinerary choices to help guests figure out how to have the most magical time on their vacation. She believes everyone should be able to take to a trip to Disney, regardless of their budget, and loves to make her clients’ Disney dreams come true!


  • Walt Disney World

  • Traveling with small children

  • Traveling with large families

  • Educational travel